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We're looking coAdmins and mods

Staff member
Feb 18, 2019
Hey, almost i opened that forum 5 months ago. I was determined to be a popular forum on a global basis but i could not have any time for share script. so i decided new decision, I ** looking coadmin for manage all forum status and permissions. theese coadmins can create new forum and change all forum properties with my access. shortly can do everything. get your management in that platform.

What i desire from the coadmins ?
  • Share premium script,theme or plugins.
  • he may share that platform in your his country
  • may have knowledge all forum subject for new warez request and post

If you can do theese, text me and lets deal. I will support that platform on google seo we will be in first page at google too many keywords.

I ** lookings coadmin and mods from all country without Turkey, Turks can not be mod or admin in that platform, if you want to be coadmin register and text me.
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