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AddonFlare Advanced Forum Stats 1.4

AddonFlare Advanced Forum Stats 1.4 2019-03-08

No permission to buy ( $ 5.00)
Staff member
Feb 18, 2019
GRANDPA submitted a new resource:

AddonFlare Advanced Forum Stats 1.4 - Nulled , warez

Introducing a classic add-on so many forums can't live without...

In 3 words: simple, clean, flexible

This add-on will display the following stats:
  1. Latest Posts
  2. Latest Threads
  3. Hottest Threads (based on most replies in a set interval)
  4. Most Viewed Threads
  5. Latest Forum News
  6. Latest Members
  7. Most Liked Users
  8. Top Thread Starters
  9. Most Liked Threads
  10. Most Popular Forums
  11. Top Resources
  12. Latest Resources
  13. Plus Many More in future...
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